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June 30, 2006

Final Operation

Today is my last day as a surgical PGI. I am perhaps the last to assist in the elective surgery for our group. I assisted along with Melvin a laminectomy procedure with Dr. Gustilo and Dr. Jingco (who is our Ortho resident while I was still a JI in CLMMRH). Melvin however was unable to finish the laminectomy because he had to scrub out to assist in Dr. Amante's AVF formation.

So far I have assisted in the following procedures:
1. Appendectomy
2. Exploratory Lapartomy
3. Subtotal gastrectomy
4. Gastrojejunostomy
5. Cholecestectomy
6. CBD Exploration
7. Choledochojejunostomy
8. Craniectomy
9. Open reduction, internal fixation of various fractures including a communited mandibular fracture
10. Fistulectomy
11. Hemorrhoidectomy
12. Palatoplasty
13. Cheiloplasty
14. Modified radical Mastectomy
15. Herniorrhaphy (Liechtenstein and Posterior approach)
16. Herniotomy
17. Debridement of diabetic ulcers
18. Excision of mass(es)
19. Laminectomy

Most of my OR procedures are appendectomy and cholecystectomy. I shall miss my rotation in the Department and so far, I have really enjoyed my stay in Surgery. The three of us treated the surgical ward nurses with a galloon of ice cream. I shall miss the patients I have left in the ward and the Junior consultants I have worked with for the past 2 months. Starting tomorrow, I will be rotating as a Pedia PGI. Hmmmmm... not really my cup of tea but I shall do my best. New JCs, new patients, new ward, new consultants to ball-jack us during endorsements and case conferences. I am scheduled to have my Grand Rounds Conference on August 24, 2006. I shall be presenting a Pedia Case together with.

Good Bye Surgery! Hello Pediatrics.

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