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June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day; a day when all the Men of the House find reason not to do the laundry and dishes for the entire day for the first time of their married life. I am a proud father myself and I was greeted earlier in the day by my wife and kid and my co-workers at the hospital, including friends through SMS. Sunday at work wasn't really an eventful day, except for a stat Appendectomy with one of my favourite Surgeons, Dr. Hinolan. Melvin and I assisted in the Operation and he allowed me to cut the mesoappendix and close the subcutaneous and skin with Melvin. Right after work, I immediately went to my parents' computer shop where I was to meet Roann and Rien. We had our lunch there and went to the mall after a quick rest.

I had to go back to the Mall and play once again at the arcades. These arcade games are perhaps the new Casino slot machines. All you need is a peso coin and you can drop them in any game machine available to win tickets. The many tickets you win, the bigger the prize you can exchange for them. My wife is aiming at the biggest stuff toy in the redemption booth. 4,000+ tickets are needed to exchange for it. So far, we are only in our hundreds. I was not so lucky in some of the games. There was this one game though where you drop your peso coin and hope it would land on one of the cones spinning around. If the coin drops straight right down the hole in the middle of the cone, you win the jackpot. If it doesn't, then you win a few tickets, depending on how close you are to the cone hole, or none at all if the coin drops in side this big funnel at the center of the spinning wheel of cones. I was able to win the jackpot! Well, not after I have dropped close to 20 peso coins.

Rien Racing In The Tracks

Rien wasn't enjoying my type of games so he and his mom went to the rides instead. Later, just outside the arcades, Rien went inside this play pen of racers where he enjoyed a full half hour of just riding this non-battery operated racer along with the rest of the kids. My wife and I went around the mall during this 30 minutes, stopped by at Bob's Cafe, where she had ice moccha while I sipped through my hot chocolate. Rien later joined us and almost finished up Roann's moccha for her.

The mall was crowded, obviously because of Father's Day, and families were just coming in herds. I have never seen this mall so crowded. After a final round at the arcades, we went to another mall, east side of the city, where we bought some colored clays for Rien's class tomorrow and plastic covers for his books. It was also grocery day so we went to the grocery store to buy some stuff. Of course, Rien had to push the cart and lead us straight to his favourite section in the grocery: candies.

We went home just as it was about to rain and even before we arrived at our stop, it was raining hard. We had to run all the way to the house, with our grocery bags and all. Later, Rien and I decided to take a bath under this evening summer rain. Father's day wouldn't be complete without playing under the rain with your son.

Another 24 hour duty day tomorrow.

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