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June 24, 2006

Conquering The World ... Online

I got hooked up with this online game, an MORPG (massive online role playing game), called Conquer Online. I began playing this like over 6 months ago. It is a swell game and what is so cool about it is the interaction with other players around the world. You start out by registering an account (which is totally free) then you download the game.

There are basically four types of characters: Warrior, Trojan, Archer and Tao. So far, I have a Tao character, a water Tao to be specific. Taos can either be Water or Fire. The advantage of being a water tao is that you get to revive other players if they get killed. Archers are cool too because they got this Scatter Skill which lets them fire their arrows in any direction at the same time. Trojans have great defenses and warriors are so magnificent in close combats.

What is nice about the game also is that in order to level up quick, you need to team up with a high leveled char.

I haven't given much time on my char, who is named BlueSolstice, found in Sunshine Server. But for those who are contemplating on starting out on an online game, try Conquer Online

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