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June 11, 2006

24 Hour Duty

Ever wonder what happens in a 24 hour duty of a PGI in BOLMSH? 24 hour duty starts as early as 7:30 a.m. and ends the same time the following day. However, everyone stays inside the hospital until 5 p.m. So, it isn't really strictly 24 hours duty.

I happen to share a 24 hour duty schedule with Gerard, Ken and Gabby. We are not an all boys' group though. Ken and Gabby are girls. They were named as such thanks to their parents so frustrated enough to have boys of their own.

Gerard a.k.a Gesper is currently rotating as a OB-GYNE PGI. Trivia: he is the only PGI in BOLMSH who is single and available and not because he wanted it to be so, if you know what I mean. Strengths: has loads of talents in singing and webpage design. Weakness: nulliparous women. Toxicity level: neutral. Gerard can be benign but sometimes toxic in his 24 hour duty. Role: He mans the Delivery Room and if need be the operating room if there are C-sections to be done. What he loves about his job? The Internal Examinations.

Gabby a.k.a. Alagad ni Bien (the servant of Bien!) is rotating as a Pedia PGI. She has been a classmate of mine since pre-med days and has always been a loyal friend. Strengths: Her frankness and cariño brutal. Weakness: her boyfriend Raphael and her Gabbititis english. Toxicity level: almost toxic but only usually in the morning. Role: takes charge of the nursery and pedia ward. What she loves about her job? the free food.

Ken a.k.a Kenneth is rotating as a Medical PGI. She is a graduate from WVSU and is a first-timer here in Bacolod City. Trivia: she and her boyfriend have been going steady for the past 8 years already. Strengths: Sex appeal (lol!) or the lack of it. Weakness: Gabby's cariño brutal! Toxicity level: depends on the Junior consultant she works with but mostly almost toxic. Role: She takes charge of the E.R., ICU and the medical wards. What she loves about her job? The lunatic moments with the rest of her "ka-duty" (a.k.a. duty-mates).

Need I describe myself? Well, I am a Surgical PGI and the only married guy in the entire roster of PGIs. Strengths: out of modesty I decided not to list down my numerous strengths. Weakness: kryptonite. Toxicity level: most benign so far. Role: Takes charge of the E.R. and O.R. What I love most about my job? My being benign.

24 hours can run so fast by the time you know it you are already from duty and be free from most of the responsibilities as an O.D. Nevertheless, the work never stops even if you're From Duty. But crazy stuff can happen while you are O.D. Luckily, I got a brand new cellphone with cam that was able to capture these "pang-mental" moments.

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