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May 15, 2006

List Of Things I Wish To Achieve Before Death

I shall never know for certain when I shall die and my ever fear is that when that day comes, I have only lived half the life that I am suppose to live. Below therefore is a list of things I wish to achieve before I cross over.

1. Visit Disney Land
2. Visit a country outside of the Philippines - done already (Australia)
3. Tour around the country
4. Get married in a church
5. Go bungee jumping
6. Drive a car of my own
7. Write a book and have it published
8. Pursue a hobby in photography
9. Learn to speak another language (preferrably Spanish)
10. Do a pilgrimage in the Holy Land and Rome
11. Shake hands with the Philippine President (or Prime Minister in case there is a shift to parliament)
12. Climb a volcano
13. Watch the Olympics live
14. Build a house near the beach
15. Learn to scuba dive
16. Teach
17. Master the piano
18. Make a difference
19. Write a song
20. See snow
21. Sleep in a treehouse
22. Run for office
23. Meet a saint

1 violent reactions. React Here.:

nyss said...

bien, make sure you bring your family when you go to Disneyland. It would be too boring for "adults" to go their without kids with you. as in.

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