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January 1, 2015

Cinemedicine 2015: Journey of a Family

UPDATE: Here's what others have been tweeting about #Cinemedicine2015

Yes, it is that time of the (new) year again. Every year, as part of my requirements for my Family and Community Medicine (first year), I would ask my students to come up with a short film, a story to be told in 10 minutes, that would depict how a family would respond to illness. I would teach Family Illness Trajectory and how patients respond to illnesses and for me to understand whether they get it or not, I would ask them to come up with a film.

This year, 4 short films were made and they will be graded according to how they were able to apply the theories and principles and the use of their technical skills in coming up with a good mini-film. Part of the score is the online votes they can get from the public. This is to develop their skills in promotion and persuasion.

Let me therefore introduce the Four Films participating in our Cinemedicine 2015:





After watching the mini-movies, which do you think is your favorite story? You can vote here in this poll below. Only the votes registered in this site will be considered official. 

What is your favorite Cinemedicine 2015 entry?

UPDATE: Voting is NOW closed! 
Voting polls officially close on January 20, 2015 6pm. Vote now. You can even promote your own favorites on twitter by copying the link to this blogsite and using hashtags #Cinemedicine2015 #Bintana #Heartstrings #Linger #Kape

Good luck!

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