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January 20, 2014

Results: Cinemedicine 2014

     The results are finally in. This year, 6 entries from the current batch of first year medical students have participated in the Cinemedicine 2014. Around 3,500 votes were made via online, which makes Cinemedicine 2013 still with the highest number of votes made during their own online poll (more than 9,000 votes!).

     Five judges scored the videos according to the criteria. Their average scores were taken and then we all waited for the final results of the online poll to add the remaining points. After the poll closed, the entries were ranked according to the number of votes gained. Equivalent points were given according to their ranking.

     Here is the result of the online poll:

It is clear that the people's choice according to the poll is "Nikita". 

     Adding the equivalent points from the polls, the following are the final results of this year's Cinemedicine 2014:

     Congratulations to the top three winners:

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