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January 28, 2014

Lakbay Aral: Part 1

     Finally, I was able to find time to edit the videos I took while I was in a study tour in Finland. I wasn't alone though. I was with 3 other Filipino doctors who come from different backgrounds but with similar inclination for public health. I am now going to feature these video clips in a so-called documentary entitled "Lakbay Aral" or Learning Journey. The docu features not only the sights and sounds of Finland and other Scandinavian countries we visited but will also give you a glimpse of the life of an international student and some perspectives about health, politics and even life in general.

   This part features the first few days of our experience in Finland, from the day we arrived at the airport trying to figure out how to get to Tampere from Helsinki airport to meeting our classmates at the University and enjoying some light moments with our new friends from other parts of the world.

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