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December 18, 2013

Riding the Movies: Universal Studios Singapore

One of the more popular places to visit in Singapore is Universal Studios in Sentosa Island. Sentosa island is really just a huge playground. You will not only find Universal Studios but other recreational parks as well. It would take you more than a day to visit all of the parks on Sentosa island. Nonetheless, if you only have a day, and you are into thrilling rides, then Universal Studios Singapore is for you.

I have visited Universal Studios twice and the second time was more fun because unlike the first, I wasn't alone. Going to Universal Studios is easy. If you take the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit), then you would need to go to Harbourfront Station. Depending, where you are coming from, it will probably just cost you 1.8 to 2 S$. Harbourfront Station is actually an interchange between the Yellow and Purple Lines (Circle Line and North East Line). The station ends up below Vivo City Mall.

From the MRT, find your way up to Level 3 of Vivo City Mall where you will find the entrance to the Sentosa Monorail Train. The ticket is only 4 S$ (round trip). If you have an EZ-link card, you can use it to get in. No need to buy a separate ticket. In the same Level, you will also find a ticket station for Sentosa where you can buy (if you haven't bought any ticket yet online) your day passes to Universal Studios (which is only 74 S$) or to any other parks in Sentosa.

After getting your tickets, you can then enter the Monorail Train Station and then get off the first station (Waterfront Station). You can then walk your way to Universal Studios where you will have your day pass scanned.

Then the fun begins. As you enter the park, don't forget to get hold of a map. It is best to be there at around opening time (usually 10am or 11am). If you are planning to go there at around 11am, I would suggest having an early light lunch in Vivo City Mall's food court where it is cheaper.

I would suggest riding the Transfomers Ride first. The last time I was there, the waiting time was 80 mins. But the wait was really worth it. The ride makes you pretend that you are one those recruits trained to help the Autobots protect the All-spark from the Decepticons.

You can then catch some shows in the park. My favorite is the Waterworld show. The show re-enacts the story of the famous Kevin Costner's Water World movie. The stunts are amazing. And the ending is usually a huge surprise. Caution: You can get wet while watching the show. Of course, it ain't water world if there is no water involved.

Speaking of getting wet, you may want to ride the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. You will definitely get soaked in this ride. No worries though. You can rent a locker for free (at least for the first 70 minutes) or you can buy a disposable poncho (usually around 4 S$) which you can wear throughout the ride.

The Mummy Returns Ride is also another ride you shouldn't miss. My only advice is that, your grandmother shouldn't be riding this one unless she wants to have a heart attack. This roller coaster ride is inside this gigantic Egyptian monument guarded by Sphinxes and Egyptian guards.

There are other rides as well that you can enjoy. Of course, you can ride them all more than once.

When you are getting hungry, there are diners and restaurants inside the park. You can grab a sandwich or a hotdog, sit beside the sidewalk and wait for the parade to come or for some random Hollywood Characters to come out and get a picture taken with them.

If you are bringing your family to Singapore for the holidays, include Universal Studios in your itinerary. You can visit their website for more details and schedules of shows.

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