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October 24, 2012

Philippine Conference on Community Health

Last Saturday, I was invited to give a talk during the first Philippine Conference on Community Health at the U.P Manila College of Medicine. It was organized by the University of the Philippines' Regionalization Student Organization (RSO). My lecture was about "Support and Benefits" given to the Community Physician. The idea was really to share my experience as a former Doctor to the Barrios regarding the benefits I received whether from Government or Non-government Organizations. At first I wasn't really sure how I would deliver the content but it ended up being a light reminiscing of my DTTB days.

The photos in this blog are not mine and are just grabbed from the facebook pages of some of the participants who attended my talk:

After I gave my talk there was an opportunity for a "Q&A" and one of the "difficult" questions I encountered was "What was your biggest accomplishment as a DTTB?" Trying to avoid answering like a "beauty pageant contestant" I mumbled at first but then replied by saying that just being there actually was my biggest accomplishment. Making one's self available to the community is already a huge accomplishment.

Later I was approached by some students who asked me more questions like, "We want to start helping the community, how do we do it?" or "Why did you become a DTTB?" Most were saying how much they were inspired by the lecture. In all honesty, it was I who was inspired by them, seeing their sincerity and genuine concern for the community and desire to serve in public health. These future doctors will definitely keep the passion to serve the nation alive.

That day was also an opportunity for me to catch up with an old friend (Doc Ryan) and meet new friends in the field of public health.

Congratulations again to RSO for such a successful event.

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