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September 9, 2012

Masskara Nights

October is festivities month for Bacolod City. It is Masskara Month and this year, 2012, a huge influx of tourists will be expected to converge in the City of Smiles. A few years back, Masskara festival used to be a "daytime" festival but in the last five years, Masskara Festival has even invaded the warm nights of Bacolod's October. People can now witness what they call "Electric Masskara" which for me is nothing short than just a pale imitation of La Castellana's Bailes De Luces Festival. But I think tourists and locals don't mind this redundancy. After all, there are more than just the electric Masskara.

Last year, Masskara Nights include a street party in Lacson Street, a night carnival and amusement park near Manokan Country at the Reclamation Area and display of artworks outside of the New Government Center.

For families who wish to enjoy the Masskara Nights in a more wholesome way, then the Night Carnival and the New Government Center can be the right place to bring the family. Of course, for those who wish to enjoy the Masskara Nights with barkadas or even meet random strangers, Lacson Street is the place to be.

See you in October in Bacolod City.

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