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July 3, 2012

Structuring A Workshop

During my Saturday Class with the third-year medical students, we discussed how health programs are supposed to be implemented. It was emphasized that planning is important before implementing a program. Part of planning of course is to do a situational analysis and community diagnosis. The output of the class after the lecture was to design a social marketing strategy for 4 different D.O.H. programs: National Tuberculosis Program, Anti-Dengue Drive, Maternal Health and Expanded Program Immunization.

The class has to design a campaign strategy that would involve tangibles such as posters, brochures, a 2-min. TV commercial and a Module designed for health workers on how to teach the campaign.

Among the three outputs, designing a module or workshop can be quite difficult, especially for medical students who were not taught how to be "teachers" or to educate. While there is no rule of thumb on how to design the module, here are some tips on how to formulate the workshop or activity in the module:

General Description - the module must contain a general description of the program, maybe even a little bit of history or information how the program started.

Vision/Mission - the module must contain the preferred goal of the program and the end-objectives of the program.

Training Design - the module must highlight the design of the training e.g. number of days, number of participants, target participants, etc.

The training design also must highlight the workshops and activities. To design a workshop or activity, the ADIDAS model can be followed:

A (activity) - start with an activity. It can be a group work or an individual work.

D (discussion) - get insights from the participants and discuss what they have learned from the activity.

I (input) - introduce theories. This is also referred to as the lecture part.

D (discussion) - get insights from the participants based on the lecture part. Usually a Q&A portion is initiated here.

A (activity) - another activity can be introduced here to further emphasize the learning from the Input.

S (summary) - synthesizing of the activity or summing up the learnings.

Training design must be sensitive to the target participants. If the target participants are technocrats, then a training content will be heavy on purely technical discussion. If the participants include the general public, then the training content will be less on technical matters and will be conducted in a language that is easy to understand.

I am looking forward to the 2-minute TV commercials of the groups. I will be posting it up in the blog for public voting as well. This will be fun.

Deadline will be on July 26, 2012

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