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July 26, 2012

Olympics 2012: London Here We Go

In a few hours from now, the Summer Olympics of 2012 will begin in London. Everyone will be watching this greatest sport event. Of course, everyone is anticipating the opening ceremonies in London which have been kept from the prying eyes and ears of the media. What we know so far is that the title of the show will be "Isle of Wonder" and Hollywood directors Danny Boyle and Stephen Daldrey are the ones in charge of this spectacle. What I personally look forward to is the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron.

In anticipation of this momentous occasion, here is a look back of how the Olympic Cauldron has been lit in the past opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.

And of course, my favorite ever...

For Olympic theme songs, here are some of my favorites as well

and of course the ever classic Whitney Houston anthem

Godspeed Olympians. Faster. Stronger. Higher.

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