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April 2, 2012


This Holy Week, Filipino Catholics will be flocking the churches to celebrate this week-long feast which will actually culminate on Easter Sunday, the Catholic Church's highest and most solemn feast. One of the ways Catholic pilgrims would celebrate Holy Week is to do "Visita Iglesia". Pilgrims hop from one church to the other to visit and pray. While there is no rule of thumb regarding the Visita, Pilgrims would say they would need to visit 7 churches for "good luck". As part of my Visita Iglesia (online version), I will try to feature one Church per day (starting today). I will start with the Church of Quiapo, the home of the miraculous Black Nazarene.

A visit to the Church of Quiapo would not only focus you on the insides of this minor Basilica but also on the courtyard outside of the Church. Indeed, the courtyard is a mixed of the holy and the mundane.

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