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March 22, 2012

Covering Adele

Adele is definitely the hottest singer right now. Her songs tell a story and they connect with people. She is definitely a singer to be reckoned with today. Her songs are so popular that every one, talented or not, is trying to cover many of her songs. So, I searched the youtube world and looked around for best covers of Adele songs. Here's my collection of best cover songs of Adele's popular hits.

No. 1: Saw these outstanding guys first in Madea's Big Happy Family Stage Play. Very amazing.

No. 2: so far, best girl-guy duet cover of this Adele song.

No. 3: Like, how old is she? She is just adorable and amazing.

No. 4: In my opinion, this is the best cover version of Adele's Set Fire To The Rain

No. 5: Okay, if Adele was a guy, she would be this guy right here.

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mhe-anne said...

I honestly don't know Adele bec I don't watch much tv or whatnot, but i listened to the videos you posted, oh how i love Someone Like You and One and Only because it mirrors what I am feeling right now and what I want to say to my singular someone during this depressing time! I will share it on my FB and I agree one of the best girl and boy duet!

itin said...

The cover of Boyce Avenue is my fancy. I kind of like most of their covers. Sam Tsui did also a cover on Adele, don't you like him?

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