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December 12, 2011

X-Factor Rachel Crow Controversial Elimination

Last week's X-Factor USA elimination was perhaps its most controversial yet. Last week, after the American viewing public voted on their favorites, Simon Cowell's protege Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty were both in the bottom two. To prevent from being eliminated, the two had to sing their last "survival" song and the 4 X-Factor Judges (Cowell, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and L.A. Reid) would choose which of the two they would send home. L.A. Reid voted for Rachel to go home in favor of his ward Marcus. Simon Cowell sent Marcus home in favor of Rachel. Paula Abdul chose Marcus to be sent home. Majority of the crowd in the live studio was cheering on for Nicole to spare Rachel after a heart-rendering performance. Nicole however chose to let the public decide, saved Marcus instead and allowed the votes to choose who would be eliminated. There were some boos already from the crowd but perhaps majority of those waiting for the results were quite confident that Marcus Canty would be eliminated instead of Rachel Crow so no worries, right? Wrong. The votes revealed that Rachel got the least number of votes so Marcus was spared and Rachel Crow was eliminated.

The following are the video highlights of their performances and the announcement of the results:

Marcus Canty's Performance:

Rachel Crow's Performance:

Announcement of winners:

You be the judge. Who do you think should have been eliminated?

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