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December 8, 2011

Think Win-Win!

The year is about to end and for some people, it will only be 3 months more before they finish their studies and join the bandwagon of the "unemployed". It is definitely going to be tough looking for a job, let alone finding a career. In this highly competitive dog-eat-dog world, fresh graduates must fight to the teeth for their pass to what would presumably their economic stability. When we were younger, we were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" We answer it with our dreams sometimes almost too fancy to be real (I remember answering that question with, "Astronaut"). As we grew older, the dream gets challenged by the realities of economics and social pressures. So, the childhood dream for example of becoming an artist gets swallowed by the lure of becoming rich (or richer) thus the enrollment in a Nursing course.

So we ask ourselves, what would be the right job or career for me? Let us be guided with three measures in choosing our career. First, choose what you are good at. Prior to graduating, students would usually take a career assessment exam wherein strengths are measured, analyzed and utilized in the formulation of sound advice on what possible career a student can go into. It is very important to listen to your strengths since these will give you the edge over the others when future employers would start searching for their potential employees.

Second, you must choose a career that pays. Let's face it: you need to eat, too and maybe even feed your family. Your biggest asset in your work is yourself and if you don't take care of yourself, you might end up losing more than just your job. So, choose a career that pays good, if not great. There are many high-paying jobs out there and mostly these are highly technical jobs and would require specialized skills.

Lastly, choose a career that you are passionate about. You have to love what you do. After all, money is not everything. You need to have passion in your work. This passion will drive you to excel and once you excel in your work, you get noticed by your bosses and who knows, a promotion might be on the way. Some people get burned out from work simply because they are not happy in their work. It is true what we hear from other people that once you enjoy your work, it isn't work anymore.

Some people choose a job which they are good at and which they love but not necessarily a high paying job. They are usually the people who are happy in their work but may be struggling in their finances. Some people choose a job that they are good at and that pays very well but a job which they don't love. They are usually those who earn a lot of money but are either bored in their work or detached from what they are doing. Some people would also choose a job that they love and that pays well but they lack the skills to match their passion and the demands of the work so they end up not getting the job.

When we choose a career therefore, think win-win. Choose a career that pays well, something which you are good at and something which you are also passionate about. This might be a difficult measure but if we don't aim for it, then we won't find that success waiting for us at the other side of the door.

Good luck on molding your future career.

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