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December 6, 2011

Mo Twister and Rhian Scandal Video

Just before this year has ended, another scandal has rocked the local showbiz scene. The scandal involves DJ Mo Twister and his (former?) girlfriend Rhian Ramos. In a video confession, DJ Mo Twister, popular for being candid and outspoken, confessed that he got Rhian pregnant and because of pressure, Rhian opted to have her baby aborted in Singapore. The video was then circulated in the web and forced DJ Mo Twister to temporarily quit showbiz. Here's the full video courtesy of youtube.

Rhian Ramos is of Welsh-Filipino descent and is the youngest daughter of Gareth Howell and Clara Ramos. She has an older sister named Nadine. She is also the niece of Ida Ramos Henares, the Assistant Vice President of GMA Network. Ramos first starred in the television series Captain Barbell and in Stairway to Heaven. She then started working in commercials including an appearance in a McDonald's McJelly Duo advert. She was cast as the female lead of the telefantasya Captain Barbell, in 2006, and in Lupin the following year. She has played the lead role in My Only Love. In 2007, Ramos had her film debut in The Promise. She also starred in the horror film Ouija. In 2008, Ramos was chosen to host Pinoy Idol Extra, the daily update edition of Pinoy Idol. Ramos also starred in two Philippine dramas, Codename: Asero, and in LaLola, a remake of a telenovela.

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