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December 31, 2011

Last Minute Fireworks Purchase

For those living in Bacolod City and are planning to light up some "legal" fireworks, locally produced fireworks are being sold right beside the New Government Center. I was there a week ago and bought some sparklers and "luces". There was one guy who even approached me and asked, "ano atun to? Gusto mo Goodbye Philippines? Goodbye NGC?" (What are you looking for? Good-bye Philippines? Good-bye NGC?") Goodbye Philippines and Goodbye NGC are names of supposedly very powerful firecrackers. I politely declined after giving out a good laugh. Goodbye NGC? That's a first. NGC refers to the New Government Center.

Anyway, for those who are still on a last minute rush to buy some fireworks and a few firecrackers as well, the vendors are situated right at the left side of the NGC if you are coming from Lopue's East. Lopue's East also sells fireworks produced by Dragon Fireworks.

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Of course, always consider safety when you decide to light up some fireworks for tonight's New Year's celebration. I bought an air horn that is as loud as a Goodbye Philippines perhaps. I wonder how they got names for these fireworks? If I would be making my own firecrackers, I would probably be naming them like:

1. Party!Party! - a very loud firecracker in the shape of Valerie Concepcion, which would explode in sing-song to the tune of "estudyante blues".

2. Wang-Wang - it's actually not a firecracker but an air horn that mimics the sound of those wang-wangs in the street. Apparently, despite the standing policy in our government not to use wang-wang or sirens except if you are an ambulance or an emergency car, the "Tuwid na Daan" seems to be littered still with people with wang-wang mentality

3. Crowning Glory - Chief Justice Corona and Former President Gloria Arroyo are among the top newsmakers of 2011. Definitely, using their names in any firecracker would also be a top-seller.

4. P-noy Rockets - these are actually whistling rockets, tiny but fast. Unfortunately, it has a long delay though. So be sure to light them up a few hours before midnight strikes. They usually shoot up hours after you light the fuse.

5. Pork Fountain - Comes with 188 flaming balls, done in like 30 seconds. Very expensive at that too.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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