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December 30, 2011


Whenever there are fireworks displays, people would always flock to the venue and wait until the skies are lit up with a variety of colors. Every year, it has been a tradition to watch fireworks displays around the city especially during the Christmas season. Mostly, the shopping malls would sponsor these fireworks display. I remember a few years back, there would be a pyrotechnic show competition and many people would watch this spectacular choreographed exhibition of lights and sounds in the sky. Even if it would entail straining one's neck to gaze upon the dark skies being splattered with shades of gold and white and sometimes green and purple and red.

Fireworks have been with us for centuries and they were once used as part of warfare. Now, they have been adopted as symbols of celebration and life. I think it is our fascination for that which is bright and fleeting that attracts us to watching this kind of shows. We are mesmerized by the glitter of the sparkles raining down after the explosion of colors. It touches me however, while witnessing the latest fireworks display tonight at a mall here in Bacolod, to see so many people looking altogether at the same direction. Even for just a brief 5-minute period, we shared a unifying moment, watching the same sight, astounded with the same emotion, and applauding the same wonderment that for a brief moment enthralled our spirits and made us forget the mundane affairs that anchor us to our realities.

I pray for the same unifying force that would bind families and nations.

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