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August 14, 2011

Tara Na! Let's Visit The Philippines

Since the "More Than The Usual" Tourism Campaign of the previous administration, I have been waiting for the current administration's take on promoting Tourism for the Philippines. One time I was watching this channel on Cable TV and within the span of an hour, I probably saw more than 5 commercials promoting Malaysia as a tourist's destination. Malaysia's "Truly Asia" tourism campaign is definitely eye-catching. I was therefore curious as to the present strategy for the Pnoy Administration on how to sell the Philippines to potential tourists from Asia and even Europe. I have yet to hear anything nor see anything on TV. I did find this new video in youtube though which is an MTV promoting tourism in the Philippines. It is a remake of the old version released 5 years ago and like the old version, it is actually selling tourism to local tourists, urging Filipinos to travel within the Philippines. "Huwag Maging Dayuhan Sa Sariling Bayan" (Don't be A Stranger to Your Country) is the subliminal drive here. I have yet to see a good video though that would promote The Philippines to foreign tourists, the tourists who bring in money to the country. Anyway, here's the new video of "Tara Na, Byahe Tayo!" featuring local artists:

Link to video here.

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