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March 16, 2011

Pledge to Positivity

I acknowledge the power to turn things around. In my hands is the capacity to do good. Even if the things that surround me are the opposite of good, even in the absence of goodness, even in moments when wickedness abounds, I can still be able to do good, to make good, to be good. It is a conscious choice that I make and it must begin with me.

Therefore, starting today, all negativity must end with me. I shall no longer be attached to things that are unconstructive, pessimistic and negative. No longer shall I permit cynicism and disparagement. I shall resist the spread of lies and the ridicule of other people.

Today, I shall filter the bad and convert them into kindness. Through my actions, I shall transform that which is discouraging into uplifting. It is in small acts of kindness that I can help restore the culture of positivism.

I shall be a builder of dreams. I shall be a farsighted visionary. I shall be a bridge between men. I shall be a propagandist for peace. Between justice and mercy, I shall stand for mercy. I shall live a radiant life that encourages others to live the same life. No longer shall I be weighed down by others who say I can’t. Even if I shall be required to sacrifice, I shall remain serene. Even if I shall be required to give more, I shall remain generous. Even if I have the freedom to make opinions, I shall not be reckless with my liberty. Even if I am summoned to be angry, I shall not push myself to be cruel.

While it is easy to be convinced that the world is chaotic and society is malformed, it shall not prevent me from being good. I shall not mirror this imperfect society. I shall not mirror its violence, its brutality and lack of care. I shall, through my actions, conquer them. Love will be my strength. It shall be my standard. I shall always wear a smile. I shall always greet people around me. I shall always spare a hug. I shall always leave good words along my way. I shall always be cheerful. I shall always be patient with others and with myself. I shall always listen and listen more. I shall always be grateful. I shall always be hopeful.

Today I pledge to be positive. With this pledge, I aim to change not only my world but most importantly myself.

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