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May 1, 2010

Back In The Philippines

The heat, the dust, the traffic, the sound of jeepneys, the scent of rice...yup, I am back in the Philippines all right. The 3 weeks spent in the US felt like it all happened in just one day. Time flew so fast. So many things have happened while in the States. I have officially visited 6 states (7 if you include the District of Columbia) These are Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia. I have met new friends and acquaintances. Next week I will be emailing some of these friends to begin my professional networking with them. I have learned so much about America and Americans. I too have learned much about my being a Filipino and other Filipinos as well.

Highlights of the US trip:
1. The Tiklos dance of the Filipinos - during the welcome luncheon and their repeat performance at Ethnotopia.
2. Trip to Chicago at the Willis Tower Skydeck and Millenium Park
3. Trip to Springfield, Illinois
4. Visiting Downers Grove North High School - it is definitely better than television
5. Meeting my wife's grandparents and my former high school teacher
6. The frequent trips to Walmart and Dollar Tree
7. My homestay with the Kostreys - the Slovak-Filipino connection
8. Visit to the Mall at DC (White House, Smithsonian, Capitol Building)
9. Farewell Dinner with host families
10. Airport stopovers (Narita, Atlanta, Minnesota, etc)

Welcome back to reality. I can't wait to get home. There is still no place like home.

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