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November 25, 2009

Bloodletting Activity With Red Cross

Yesterday was our second to the last bloodletting activity for Candoni. It was also the second time Red Cross came over to conduct the bloodletting activity. Next week, the CLMMRH/PHO will be conducting the bloodletting activity. As expected, only a few came to donate because of the bad weather and some of the barangays committed to donate to CLMMRH/PHO instead. So, after 29 patients, I went to the reception area, filled out a form, and donated blood.

It is my second time to donate blood. The first time I donated blood was when I was in med school, when our class sponsored a bloodletting activity on campus as part of our medical week celebration.

It is my firm belief that donating blood is a heroic act. The blood you can donate can save lives, if not the lives of your family. Some people are afraid to donate blood because of so many "misconceptions" about bloodletting. Some are just plain afraid of needles and anything sharp.

We are hoping to win the Sandugo Award again for 2009. Some of the barangays have already reached their targets and I am happy and grateful for the support of the barangay captains and their constituents.

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