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October 25, 2009

A Love Story Between A Father and Son


I will run a thousand miles for you
will swim the widest ocean for you
will brave the storm for you
break through walls for you
dive into the deepest dark
and fight the hidden creatures beneath
in search of you
I will not mind the sweat that weighs me down
nor the gaping wounds that drain my spirit.
I will leap over cliffs
and fly across the longest canyons
if you say so, I will,
even if I have to climb the tallest hill
and walk barefoot over the hottest desert,
if you say so, I will,
I will do these things and more,
while I carry you in my arms,
and every night as I tuck you into bed,
and plant a kiss upon your forehead,
I will do these things everyday,
for you, my son.

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