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October 18, 2009

In Behalf Of...

It was an honor to be affirmed last Thursday, October 15, 2009, with a grand distinction award by the Department of Health under the Doctors to the Barrios program. The honor however does not entirely belong to me. It belongs to the people of Candoni, whose unquestionable support for the health programs, pushed me to persevere in the DTTB program. At the same time, the distinction also goes to my family, especially my wife and children, whose unparalleled support became my source of inspiration. It was a weird feeling during the graduation of Batch 23 Doctors to the Barrios last Thursday. I could not distinctively describe what I was feeling at that time. I was happy that it was over and at the same time I was feeling sad that I had to say goodbye to so many friends, not just within Batch 23 (ABYAN KA) but also from Batch 24 (KABAGIS).

The tribute given by Batch 24 to the graduating class was very touching and moving. When they started projecting the video clips of my children and wife, I could not help but cry. The people that I love are the very source of my strength and inspiration. Earlier, during the gallery presentation, I was feeling uneasy already. Every minute that passed by made me come an inch closer to the end.

It was a moment of mixed feelings for my batch. My batch has been one of the most cohesive batches that has ever made through the DTTB program. We were also touched when the hosts from Batch 24 started to cry as well when they said their farewell. In my opinion, Batch 24 is the certified Last of the Mohicans. We will try to make sure that we will return the favor to them. They have made our graduation from DTTB memorable.

I must not forget to say thank you to my batch mates for making me a part of their lives. More specifically, let me thank Tepoy and the boys of Oxford 405 (Prince and Lyndon). These guys have been my roommates every CME and we always had a fun time. Let me thank also Celna and the rest of the girls of Batch 23.

Let me thank in a special way Marc Japitana, Leah Tipagad, Melita Dayao (Tep's girlfriend), and Doc Jelix for making my birthday last Wednesday very very special. They surprised me with a birthday cake and gifts Marc was able to smuggle in back from home. It was one of my most memorable birthdays yet.

Thus, I am honored to have been a Doctor to the Barrios. I am honored to have followed the footsteps of far greater DTTBs in the past, from Batch 1 until Batch 22. I am honored to have shared the journey with Batch 23. I am honored to have served my community. I shall be continuing to serve them and I was happy that Doc Ken Ronquillo agreed to have my contract extended at least until December of this year. I am honored to be a Lasallian as well, because I have always believed that my Lasallian education has inspired me to be who I am today.

I am humbled. I am inspired. I am challenged. I am forever grateful.

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