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October 24, 2009

Double D-Celebration

We just got back from the birthday party we threw for our son Rien. He turned 7 last October 14 and since I was attending the 35th CME of DTTBs, we had to move the birthday party to a much later date. So, after a month of preparation supervised by my wife and mother-in-law, we had our Ben-Ten inspired birthday party just this afternoon at Lopue's East East Hall. I was happy that despite being a weekend and a week before the exams, some of my son's classmates, his closest friends, came to join him in his party, not to mention his second cousins and god-siblings.

I was particularly happy that a few of my high school classmates were there: Fred, Edd, Bryant and Goy. I have not seen them for a quite a while and I was happy that when I asked them to come, they all went. Fred is my son's godfather. Goy is Joem's fiance, who happened to be my son's godfather as well.

Others who came were my wife's relatives from Himamaylan, my cousins from both sides of the family, even Congressman Monico Puentevella came to give his special greeting. We had a few minutes to talk and he was very curious about my plans and how he could help. Compadre Nikki Boy also came with Rafa, who is my daughter's godbrother. Tito Noel a.k.a Tito Tres, who is my wife's relative and also the municipal treasurer of Candoni, came with his kids and wife.

I have to give my wife kudos for preparing for the party. She organized the whole thing, from arranging with the caterers to designing the decorations. I have to thank my own parents and sister for contributing as well to the "funds" for the party. Of course, my mother-in-law for designing the 7 cakes she made for Rien, in honor of her first apo's 7th birthday.

I am so happy for my son. My only wish is for him to grow to be a fine Christian gentleman. May God Bless you my son. May God bless those who love you.

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