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August 13, 2009

Breastmilk Is Still The Best!

Last August 11, as one of the pre-town anniversary celebration of the municipality, the Main Health Center conducted our Breastmilk Contest as our way of promoting our advocacy for breastfeeding. It was an exciting day, with around 24 lactating mothers coming to the Poblacion area carrying their babies together with other family members. Of course, an acceptable crowd came to watch and support their barangay. The mother with the most breastmilk collected in 10 minutes was declared winner and the barangay with the most accumulated breastmilk in 10 minutes was also awarded as winner.

For this year, our mother who won the top prize was able to collect 185 ml of breast milk. She came from Barangay Payauan. The other runners-up came from Barangay Agboy and Barangay Caningay. The barangay with the most breastmilk accumulated was Barangay Payauan with around 265 ml of breastmilk collected. The othe runners-up were Barangay West and Barangay Agboy.

Before the contest started, one of our midwives gave a short lecture on the benefits of breastfeeding. Throughout the contest, many of the fathers present were very supportive, carrying their babies while their wives were collecting their breastmilk.

It was really a fun moment for everyone. We gave out cooking utensils and other give-aways to all the winners and even participants. Nobody went home without a prize.

We are planning to break the record next year and probably collect more than 300 ml per barangay.

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Eric Tipon said...

 I feel pity for normal mom who doesn't breastfed their kids. I just can't accept their reasoning of "too busy" or their breast will sag. oh my...oh my! why can't they accept nature's best defense against sicknesses for their kids?

I hope this kind of activities will be promoted too even in metros.

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