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October 12, 2008

Looking Back While Looking Forward

During the 33rd CME, we were tasked to report our plans for our respective assigned areas. Consider it as our personal wishlist for our respective communities. It is definitely a daunting task, one which may look difficult but not entirely impossible. Many of us have to face the political obstacles, the cultural hindrances and even the economical limitations. Nevertheless, it is definitely a task which can somehow help us release our creativity and perhaps even imagination and resourcefulness. Many who were ahead of us were able to do it. Their galleries of accomplishments, many of which are very much sustainable, are proof of such possibilities. Thus, while we look back to the amazing and memorable days we had in Leyte, we also look ahead to the challenges which wait for us in our areas of assignment, in the countryside where problems seem to be almost without answers.

Here are pictures to look back to during the 33rd CME:

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