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May 10, 2012

Strawberry Picking

One fun activity to do this summer is to go to the strawberry farms in La Trinidad, Benguet and pick fresh strawberries. Before we left Baguio City last month, we stopped by La Trinidad to visit one of the strawberry farms. It was a good thing that we were there quite early in the morning: not too many tourists and traffic. When we arrived there, we immediately realized that it wasn't just a strawberry farm. It was also a huge vegetable farm.

We found our way into the middle of the farm where local farmers were waiting for tourists who had some cash to spare and would like to experience picking strawberries for themselves. Picking fresh strawberries is more expensive than buying already-picked and packed strawberries in the stores. There are many stores outside of the farm selling strawberries and strawberry-related products such as jams, jellies and even wine. If you want to pick your own strawberry, it would cost you around 400 pesos per kilo.

A friendly lady farmer led us to her patch of strawberries, gave us small baskets and demonstrated to us how to properly choose and pick the ripe strawberries. The kids were enjoying every moment of it.

After having picked 1 kilo of strawberries, we decided to buy some fresh vegetables as well so the lady farmer led us to another patch of cabbages where we also chose the biggest cabbages we could carry.

It is definitely a memorable experience. The strawberry farms in La Trinidad are very much accessible. It is advisable to hire a van or a jeepney though in case you might want to take home baskets and baskets of fresh strawberries and other souvenirs you can buy in the stores.

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