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May 2, 2012

Soar High Young Filipinos

Last April 27-30, 2012, our dream of running our own leadership program as a way of "paying it forward" finally came true. 15 participants from 5 different schools attended our first Aguila Youth Leadership Program Leadership training at Balay Kalinungan, University of Saint La Salle, Bacolod City. These 5 schools come from the rural parts of Negros Occidental which is actually our main intention: to provide more opportunities to far-flung schools. It was definitely a fun experience. One of the most memorable moments was the Socials Night during the last night of the training. You can view the fun here.

Aguila Youth Leadership Training Program Slideshow: SEAYLP’s trip to Bacolod, Negros, Philippines was created by TripAdvisor. See another Bacolod slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

AYLP included plenary sessions focusing on bridging leadership, acting workshop, writing workshop, action planning, and coaching and mentoring for teachers for a holistic leader formation.
A leaders forum was also conducted wherein invited guest speakers from the field of media, student development and leadership, education, health and environmental advocacy, share their leadership journeys and passion to the AYLP participants.

Each of the group composed of 2 students and one teacher from each participant school constructed their own action plans and designed specific activities and project proposals focusing on their chosen fields of interest which they will implement after they go back to their respective communities.

The AYLP participants have come up with 5 very distinct projects for the school year, ranging from environmental to health issues.

Ramon Torres Ma-ao Sugar Central National High School in Bago City will tackle the issue on plastics and how to minimize the use of plastics in their community and their campus. Reducing waste and recycling plastic will be the focus of the team from Bago City.

Quirico G. Manzano Memorial National High School of Candoni will establish a Peer Mentoring group which will allows students to help fellow students go against peer pressure that would lead them to doing vices and absenteeism. This Peer Mentoring group will be in coordination with their Guidance Counselor.
La Castellana National High School will strive to make their school a smoke-free school and convince all of their students and teachers not to smoke whether inside or outside of their campus. The group will tackle this health issue along with their local government unit and other stakeholders in La Castellana.

St. Francis of Assisi School will focus on Values Formation among their students and most especially the parents of their students. This hacienda school in Silay will strive to improve behavior among their students, preventing incidence of teenage pregnancies and smoking and drop outs in school through modular training directed to parents and students alike.

Victorias National High School will focus on cyber addiction and will strive to prevent their students from not attending their classes because of going inside internet shops and computer game centers during class hours. To prevent drop outs and absenteeism in school, the team from Victorias will engage stakeholders and the students themselves so they will use the technology during the appropriate time.

Team Aguila will be monitoring the said project proposals of each participating school and after a 6-month of their start-up implementation, Team Aguila, together with experts and people from designated field of interest will be coming over to each school to conduct a visit and sort of an evaluation for their performance as a group.

Team Aguila will be coordinating also with different NGO’s and campus clubs that can adopt and help any of the schools in their needs and implementation.

The school with the best project proposal outcome will be awarded with a grant from the US Embassy of Manila through the Team Aguila which they can use to further their activities and programs.
AYLP was funded by the US Embassy of Manila and co-sponsored by the USLS College of Business and Accountancy Student Council and the USLS Student Senate.

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