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December 10, 2009

Lucky Kids

Today is the start of "better" fortunes for 3 Candonian kids: Emborniza (Cabia-an), Garcia (Gatuslao) and Amar (Caningay). These three are recipients of the ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Foundation. Emborniza has a facial defect, Garcia has a suspected clavicular fracture or spinal column fracture, Amar has imperforate anus with colostomy. These three are indigents and have been identified during the Bantay Bata Medical Mission in Candoni. All three kids are my regular patients, although Garcia was referred to me by a Barangay Councilor of Gatuslao during one of my barangay visits. During that particular visit, I was led to Garcia's house, a small bahay kubo in the middle of a remote sugarcane field. He had an older sister with him, cooking the family's lunch. His older brother was at that time working in the fields. They no longer have parents. Their very old grandfather was taking care of them.

This morning, we brought them to Bacolod City to get their referrals from Bantay Bata Office where a schoolmate and good friend Caryl Diamante is the Project Coordinator in Negros. This morning, they were able to have free consultation with their respective specialists. Further tests and laboratories were required. Hopefully by January, they will be scheduled for surgeries or appropriate procedures.

I was also able to endorse the "overflowing" box of donated items to the staff for the Buntis Baby Bag Project. The second batch of donated items were given by students of the Premed Society of the University of Saint La Salle. This morning, I was able to receive a text from a high school friend's (Rommel Abaja) mom who heard about the project. They committed to donate groceries and rice next week. Rommel Abaja's father is from Candoni. Rommel is happily married and settled in Ireland. He heard about the project via facebook. Almost every week, I would tag potential donors and share with them the updates of the Buntis Baby Bag.

I also got a note from my former teacher, Ms. Andre, and told me that she too is willing to donate and support the project. In fact, she is trying to hook me up with her niece who is a med representative. I might be able to receive some medicines for the kids and their mothers.

I am very much thankful to these generous supporters. The Buntis Baby Bag Project is no longer a personal project. Rather it has become a collective project of generous people who have not even met these "lucky" Candonians but are willing to help nonetheless.

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