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November 4, 2008

The U.S. Elections 2008

It is a good thing that while the U.S. will be having its elections on the 4th of November, the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines will be celebrating its Cinco de Noviembre Day, a day which will commemorate the liberation of Negros Island from the Spaniards. This means, it is going to be a Holiday for us here in Negros Occidental. This will give me more time to watch the election returns on TV and even blog about the latest updates, minute by minute.

Personally, I am for McCain, although I am quite sure that Obama will win, based on the latest polls. I am for McCain simply because of his stance on pro-life issues. McCain has been a prolifer all his life, has made a stand against abortion and therefore made it a point that life begins at the moment of conception. Anyone therefore who pushes for abortion, no matter what the circumstances are, is liable for killing another human being.

Pro-choicers always argue that it is the right of the woman to choose what she can do to her body. What they failed to answer is, "What about the right to life of that unborn?" Whose right therefore should supercede? Unfortunately, while the mother has a voice and "say" over this, the unborn does not have any say. Who shall speak for them now? Abortion is simply murder since there is that intent to kill, to destroy, to eliminate. Any person therefore who advocates, promotes and even defends such a "right" if there ever is one, does not deserve, in my opinion, a vote.

So, I will be at home, recuperating from the flu and will be watching on TV and from time to time be blogging about the results and my opinions. And since it is a holiday here, my family is planning to spend a day out as well.

Cinco de Noviembre is a historic day for all Negrenses. How the Negrenses liberated themselves from the Spaniards is evident of their creativity, imagination and not to mention bravery. Two generals were tasked to lead the last push against the Spaniards. General Lacson was to lead his army from Silay, which is North of Bacolod, and General Araneta was to come in from the Bago, which is South of Bacolod. The retreating Spaniards barricaded themselves inside the Bishop's palace, beside the San Sebastian Cathedral. The Filipinos were numerous but they didn't have the ammunitions. The Spaniards were fewer but they all have the artilery.

In a risky move, the rebels decided to fool the Spaniards. Using wooven mats, they painted them with black tar, mounted on wheels and carts and marched towards the Bishop's palace. From afar, they looked like cannons. And with one cannon for every Filipino soldier, the Spaniards felt they were outnumbered. They retreated and surrendered.

Since that day, Negrenses celebrated the day parading on the streets firing empty cannons to commemorate the ingenuity of these two generals.

Happy Cinco de Noviembre.

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