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November 6, 2008

Masskara 2008: Late Post

This is a late post. I should have had posted this last month. No true-blooded Bacolodnon blogger allow the Masskara festival to just pass without blogging all about it. It was yet another resounding success and although this time I wasn't able to go to the Publiz Plaza during the highlights because of traffic, I was able to watch with my family the civic parade during the Charter Day celebration. Of course, my wife and I went to Lacson street during the street party celebrations. We were able to walk along Lacson, watch the various bands play and even meet friends who were also out there to party. We met Doc Marc and Doc Neil who were also joining the street party. There were also a lot of familiar faces. It seemed everyone in Bacolod was in Lacson street that night to watch the Electric Masskara.

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