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November 1, 2008

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is another excuse for Filipinos to cook and eat and stuff themselves with every variety of food. Our family is no exception. Usually, Filipinos prepared native dishes during this feast of All Saints and would bring them at the gravesites along with other families and have a picnic. After the obligatory prayers and masses for the beloved departed, the party begins and it's no party if there is no food and drinks. In our case, we prepared the usual food we cook for any occasion. I made my spaghetti (sweet Filipino style with mozarella) and my wife prepared her fruit salad. Later, I will be cooking adobong manok and sinugba nga bangrus for lunch. Earlier, we bought ice cream for dessert. We are planning to visit the cemetery later in the afternoon, when the crowd is much smaller and traffic is much lighter. The cemetery is a walking-distance from our place anyway.

For the mean time we are cleaning up the house and started putting up the Christmas decors also. All Saints' Day for Filipinos mark the beginning of a long Christmas fiesta.

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